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CSET Sports Partnership


The CSET Primary Sports Partnership is based at Mangotsfield Secondary School. We take pride in delivering a high quality service which provides opportunities for ALL children to become engaged in Physical Activity, Physical Education and School Sport. We have linked the CSET Primary Sports Partnership Programme to the new Ofsted Framework and some highlights of the Programme are:

A comprehensive CPD Programme, with resources, for all teachers and TA'S which support the development of: 

  • Sport-specific knowledge    

  • Physical activity opportunities  

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • P.E. Curriculum

  • Inclusion in P.E.

Enhanced CPD Package

Place for one member of staff at the Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference October 2019

A choice of 2 from the 3 options below:

  • Access to 5 gym twilight sessions

  • Whole day of Dance CPD in your school

  • Access to the Wellbeing Festival and Staff Wellbeing Games


P.E. Co-ordinator Support through - 

  • 1:1 Meetings - offered throughout the year to support P.E. development, sports leadership, School Games Mark etc

  • Network Meetings in September, January and April to facilitate the sharing of best practice


Extensive Year 1 - 6 Competition and Festival opportunities for all children - 

  • KS1 Festivals

  • Competitions in over 20 sports

  • Come and Play events and leagues - for C and D teams

  • Festivals targeting non-active / not engaged children

  • Inclusion Festivals

  • Personal Challenge events - a focus on children achieving their personal best

  • MaD Olympiad

  • CSET Games Day

  • Intra (house) school support and development


Sports Leadership training opportunities open to all schools. A brilliant way to train leaders to develop clubs at lunchtime, after school etc - 

  • Playground Leaders    

  • KS1 Leaders  

  • Sport-specific Leaders

  • Wellbeing Leaders - NEW

  • Inclusive Leaders

We currently have 32 schools signed up to the Partnership and if you are interested in becoming a member please contact Wendy O’ Donnell, the Partnership Lead, at Wendy.O’Donnell@cset.co.uk